Inspiration: The tough nature

Can you find happiness in misery? Can ugly be beautiful? If there is a taboo in Sweden, something you can’t touch or talk negative about it is Astrid Lindgren. A lot of Swedes will agree, I’m sure. But for me I think that she haven’t given us only godd things, she has given us the Bullerby Syndrome as well. And I’m not the only one thinking so. Some people even call her “The Brain Washer from Wimmerby”.
So what is the Bullerby Syndrome? Well, in Sweden we have a tendancy to think that happiness lays in the environment. And that the environment has to look in a special way to be able to give happiness. I think you recognise it. Red little cottage. White corners of the house. Preferably green window shutters. A gate. A kitten. An apple tree. White wooden garden furniture. Maybe a hang mat. And there we happily gather. The Bullerby Syndrome.
And that’s ok. It could be worse. But I think it stands in our way when we make decicions in our lives.
When I was a little girl me and my friend Håkan hade a favorite place of our own. It was a concrete corner, just by the entrance to a garage below ground. I thought it was fantastic to play there, there we had our own little world. No an apple tree in sight.
My passion for concrete and the beautiful ugly started right there.
I had longed to learn how to handle concrete for many years when I finally did it 2008.  I think the material is raw and heavy and at the same time really beautiful. And exiting. It*s a challenge to handle because you’re not supposed to sculpture it. So there’s a lot of failures. But it doesn’t matter. To fail is also a way of succeeding. Concrete is my passion. And steel wire. And garbage. It’s raw and heavy. And sustainable. And fragile. As life. As the nature.