Dans l’arrière monde

Anthony Cragg plays with the objects that the industrial world rejects. And together, the pieces of the world give a new point of view. His accumulations also inspires me. He stacks objects according to size, color or material to art that seem as if they are a part of nature.
Arman also works with traces of humanity. His giant works are mostly made of metal and concret. He shows that the impossible is possible , even if you have to extend your sences and your imagination to do it.
César works with rejected objects, often in metal, which he modifies using great mechanical force. He makes sculptures of expanding foam combined with domestic utensils.
In the works of Louise Bourgeois we sense the footsteps of her life, specially in Maman – the giant spider that is a reminder of her nice taylor mother. I find the the art of Niki de Saint Phalle inspiring, the way she plays with the soft forms and strong colours – and at the same time they have a dark fond.
Their work – their thoughts, their choice of material, their shapes and their colours – whisper to my mind, sing to my eyes and my skin and I want to dive into it.