Anna-Lena Ekenryd
Anna-Lena Ekenryd, Morley College, London, 2016.

I, like everyone else, have not decided to be born. I was just born into this world. Without the ability to influence it. We are a lot here. Billions and billions. We are different. Hard and soft. Animals, humans. Big, small. Beautiful, ugly. Pleasant, disgusting. We are here together on earth for a short time.
And, we are very far from creating a paradise for ourselves.
As we have a free will, and as the man is good, there wouldn’t be any worries. One think.
I am hopeful. I believe in the future, in all the courageous people around the world.

Anna-Lena Ekenryd

Eight reasons to stop creating – one for not doing so

In January 2016 there are about 7.4 billion people on Earth. With a rough estimate, if about 2 per mille of them claim to be artists there are at least 14 million artists. At the same time both well- and little-known art schools around the world attract new students each […]


Dans l’arrière monde

Anthony Cragg plays with the objects that the industrial world rejects. And together, the pieces of the world give a new point of view. His accumulations also inspires me. He stacks objects according to size, color or material to art that seem as if they are a part of nature. Arman also […]


Inspiration: The tough nature

Can you find happiness in misery? Can ugly be beautiful? If there is a taboo in Sweden, something you can’t touch or talk negative about it is Astrid Lindgren. A lot of Swedes will agree, I’m sure. But for me I think that she haven’t given us only godd things, […]


Artist statement

We say that we have a free will. We can choose whether we want to be cowardly or courageous. Stingy or generous. Clean or dirty. Good or evil. But how do we define the one and the other, and who is doing it? Assuming that humans have their own spirit, […]


Pecha Kucha in Prezi mode

Ales Pecha Kucha à la Prezi on Prezi


Inspiration: To leave and to enter

I am in hurry. For inspiration to new thoughts, ideas and images. And inspiration is everywhere. To travel and see new things. For example, a bunch of newspaper boxes on Broadway, Manhattan. They look like a bunch of small friendly old men and women who are just waiting for something […]


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